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This curved lamp with modern white design is an essential part of your daily workplace: your nail table. It provides even, no-shade professional lighting all around, which makes your work more comfortable, efficient, and better. Perfect lighting is a key factor in delivering perfect gel nails every time! 

This crescent design manicure lamp is also a real eye-catcher in your salon interior. Immediately in love with the trendy design? Reality check! Never decide on just any lamp only because it's beautiful. Be sure to look at the benefits, because you literally use them every hour of your working day. As you expect of ProNails, we only release new innovations that have more to offer than other brands.  

Discover the 7 unique benefits of the ProNails Luna Light  

Wider diameter of 80 cm 

This diameter is 15% wider compared to other arc desk lamps. This means more comfort! It makes the lamp not only wider, but also taller, giving you more than enough space to work comfortably. You’ll also find there’s more than enough space for the new ProNails hand cushion with 2 Smart Lights underneath! 

Double the number of LED lights  

This manicure lamp contains 582 LEDS of 48 Watt, evenly distributed around your workplace. This is much more than in an average lamp. This allows you to get a nice even and uniform light from every angle, so you'll never have a disturbing shadow while you work. The LEDs are also durable and will last at least 50,000 working hours! 

No effect on the curing of products 

The wavelength of these LED lights differs from the wavelength needed to cure ProNails products. As a result, you don’t have to worry about unwanted curing when you leave a jar or bottle open. 

Super easy to use  

Even with gloves on, you can easily operate the lamp's buttons. 

You determine the light intensity and temperature 


During a nail treatment, you really want to be able to see what you are doing. There are 3 light temperatures to choose from: cold, warm or daylight. Even better: this lamp is dimmable, so you can adjust the light intensity, fluctuating between 30% and 100%. This way, you can always adjust the light to your preference. As a result, your eyes won’t get tired as quickly. 

Better stability 

How annoying is an unsteady lamp? This aluminium-framed lamp is heavy and stands firmly on your table. Thanks to the feet at each end of the arch, the Luna Light is very stable. They’re made of rubber, which makes them non-slip, so your table is protected from scratches. 

Become a Nail Content Creator! 

Ever thought you could take photos or videos for social media even during a manicure? Thanks to the included size-adjustable smartphone holder this is now possible. We know how important strong content is for your business. That's why we like to make it easier for you. The perfect lighting, from a perfect angle and this while you can continue working? That’s awesome! 

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Care Instructions

Wipe clean after every use with clinilotion. Store in a cool, dry upright position.

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