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BFLEX DREAMY is a neutral, rather slight pink nudie. What nails are your clients dreaming of?

  1. Prepare the natural nail like you would for gel nails  Use your nail drill use with Sander Fine 6000RPM   
  2. Apply Acid Free Primer   
  3. Use BFLEX Natural Shades Gel as Base, Build and Gloss  - First apply a thin base coat of BFLEX Gel on all 5 nails, press this coat well into the nail plate and seal the free edge. Cure 5 nails at the same time.  Now continue nail by nail:  - Next, build the nails with BFLEX Gel, use the drop technique and seal the free edge each time. 
  4. Cure 30SOFT in the Smart Light  Curing 30 sec SOFT is enough to obtain complete curing with a nice shine to it.
  5. Remove the sticky layer with Non Acetone Polish Remover  The nails are now shiny and ready.   
  6. Which bit to use to remove the BFLEX gel for a refill?  Use the Ceramic XL Bit at 10000RPM  or the Green Sander Medium at 10000RPM à 15000RPM


BFLEX is a 4-in-1 LED GEL in a bottle! Due to the need for fewer layers, the nails look much thinner and more natural. You don't need a separate Base, Builder, Colour or Gloss to achieve the same look and shine. That’s also more cost-effective! •

Thanks to the 4-in-1 principle, the BFLEX treatment takes less time. With other brands, there are often several steps to go through. With BFLEX, you don’t need to file anymore, and there’s no need for a separate gloss layer.

BFLEX contains no acids and can be combined with an acid free primer. This is why BFLEX smells so much more pleasant in the salon! BFLEX keeps everything as natural as possible: the product range is vegan and the amount of product on the nail is kept to a minimum. That’s why BFLEX feels super light and naturally thin on the nails!

BFLEX is 100% made in Belgium and therefore complies with strict European cosmetics regulations. You don’t always know where other products are produced or how strictly they are regulated.

All BFLEX gels cure in only 30 seconds SOFT under the Smart Light. This allows a lower heat emission and is therefore more pleasant. For very sensitive customers you can even choose to cure in 60 seconds SOFT for an even lower heat sensation.

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Care Instructions

Wipe clean after every use with clinilotion. Store in a cool, dry upright position.

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