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Sopolish is a unique salon treatment offering long-lasting, perfectly polished nails for at least 14-21 days. It is applied just like regular nail polish, cures superfast in LED light and can easily be removed thanks to the Soak-Off or Peel-Off technique, without damaging the nails. No buffing, no drilling, no filing but with the utmost respect for the natural nail.

What it is

  • Semi-permanent nail polish
  • Extremely easy application
  • Cures under LED light

Why you love it

Sopolish applies as easily as nail polish, cures under LED light and lasts at least 14 days without harming the natural nail. Available in more than 140 colours, from timeless classics to on-trend options.

How To Use

  • Use Sopolish Cleanse to eliminate oily residue from the natural nail.
  • For Soak Off use the Easy Soak base or use Strucutre Base if the nail needs more structure. If your client wants to peel off the Sopolish at home you can use Easy Peel as a base.
  • Apply two thin layers of your favourite Sopolish colour.
  • Cure for 30 sec FULL in the Smart Light or 1 min using the Sopolish LED lamp.
  • Finish with your favourite top coat (Shine, Shimmer or Matt)

Shipping & Returns

Evri Standard Delivery or Next Day available. (Next Day not available on Pre-order items)

Returns can be done within 30 days of purchase. Must be returned in original packaging and unopened. Receipt must be present.

Care Instructions

Wipe clean after every use with clinilotion. Store in a cool, dry upright position.

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