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This Sopolish salon service offers the unique flexibility of a fast and easy peel-off removal system, at home or in the salon, without soaking in solvents. This service is only suitable for hands and can be used on all nail types. This revolutionary new gel polish base coat will blow your mind! It applies like a normal brush-on base coat and ensures an equally long lasting Sopolish wear for over 14 days. The difference is that it needs no curing in a LED lamp and it also allows for an impressively easy Peel-Off removal! Your customer will be delighted with how easy they can remove their Sopolish with the help of nothing but a Polish Corrector Pen, and without damaging the natural nail.

What it is

  • Base layer for an easy at-home or salon removal
  • Ensures a long-lasting Sopolish wear for over 14 days

Good To Know

This service is suitable for hands only and can be used on all nail types.

How To Use

  • Start by cleaning the natural nail with the Sopolish Cleanse.
  • Apply 1 layer of the Sopolish Easy Peel Start and let airdry.
  • Finish with applying your Sopolish Colour & favorite finishing
  • Only use the Easy Peel base on hands.

NOTE: don't apply your Colour, finger by finger as this will reduce the wear of your Sopolish. Work 5 fingers at a time.

    Shipping & Returns

    Evri Standard Delivery or Next Day available. (Next Day not available on Pre-order items)

    Returns can be done within 30 days of purchase. Must be returned in original packaging and unopened. Receipt must be present.

    Care Instructions

    Wipe clean after every use with clinilotion. Store in a cool, dry upright position.

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